Our Story

mybabymoments was started by us, Beck and Ainsley, as we sat and had a picnic at Dee Why Beach.
We had been on this new adventure of motherhood together, after having babies only 10 days apart. We had shared the highs and lows, the wins and the special moments - loving the experience. 
Each of us had thought about ways to mark and celebrate the first year of our babies lives - taking photos to document and remember it.
So it was a good fit to find ways of helping others to do this. The mybabymoments newborn firsts cards and month-by-month cards were the initial idea - cards that are beautiful enough and sturdy enough to position in a photo with your growing baby. 
These cards have been designed and assembled by us - and we have loved to use them ourselves. We are also loving the ability to expand on this and find more creative and beautiful ways of celebrating the special milestones and moments as they pass. 
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Well That Didn't Go To Plan - 29 August 2015In 2-3 weeks we will have a new baby in our arms. The excitement is growing and with it comes these little fl

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